The how to get it done easy


The how to get it done easy

Making good use of Smart Repeller is as simple as following the rules of common sense,

but it makes the difference between permanent efficiency and inefficiency.

We recommend using the emergency lighting current in order to guarantee a constant energy flow. It is important that the device receives energy flow 24 hours a day.

Remember Smart Repeller does not require maintenance. It is enough with making sure the current is flowing and keeping the device dry and away from direct obstacles. It can be used 24h a day, 365 days of the year.

Do not place the device behind furniture, columns or any other obstacle that could reduce its 50m2 maximum reach.

Smart Repeller is designed to be fixed to the wall at 1.8 meters or 70 inches tall and be focused on the floor area where maximum performance is expected.

Set up the device in a safe place, where it cannot be damaged or wrongly used by third persons or children.

   Instalation Tips

  1.  Choose an obstacle free zone.

  2.  Avoid columns, beams and large furniture around the device.

  3. Install the device at a height of approximately 1.8 meters or 70 inches.

  4. Focus the device on the surface where maximum performance is sought.

  5. It is recommended not to exceed 6 meters or 235 inches of distance between the device and the focused area.

  6. Choose a flat, smooth and clean surface to stick the adhesive tape.